Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better image of Chinese 5th Gen J-XX emerges , Preparation on for first flight , First sight Analysis

Better resolution picture of J-XX or J-20 5 gen fighter aircraft has emerged on Chinese forum , Test pilot for the first flight is speculated to be Liang Wanjun who has been test pilot for J-7 , J-10 and also for JF-17 (FC-1) , Recent images which has emerged seems like  a combination of Frontal view of F-22 along with mid to rear section of T-50 , Rumors are that Chinese are using same Al-31F 117S engines which are used in T-50 currently for testing purpose , FGFA and Pak-Fa will use Al-41 engines ultimately , its still not clear which engines Chinese will using in their production variant ,but it is also to early to speculate now , Stretched mid section seems to be perfect for frontal and side placed weapons bay , DSI Intakes are visible clearly , which was expected since it is fast  becoming trademark in most of Chinese developed fighters jets (JF-17 , J-10B) , in image the aircraft seems to be quiet long in class of Mig-31 and Mig-1.44 class with very small tails , while it should be in weight category of T-50 around 30-33 tons , Canards are also visible .

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