Thursday, December 16, 2010

Both Barrels: Finnish Order Launches Patria’s AMOS Mortar Turret

Patria’s twin-barreled AMOS 120mm mortar turret is about to begin production, thanks to an order from the Finnish government for an initial set of 18 systems, for fielding in 2013. The EUR 120 million development contract was signed in 2003, and the most recent amendment begins series production. Patria.
AMOS has a range of just 10 km, which is typical for mortars but short for artillery. It makes up for that shorter reach by using the same ammunition as infantry mortar teams; and by traveling on an armored vehicle that can move into range, under fire, without ever exposing the crew. Firing can commence within 30 seconds of reaching the desired position, and the combination of twin barrels and modern system allow it to fire multiple rounds that all land in the target area at the same time (MRSI). To date, AMOS has been integrated with Patria’s AMV wheeled APC, BAE’s popular CV90 tracked IFV, and small boats. Patria has also developed a lighter, less expensive single-barrel version called NEMO, which has already received orders from some export customers.

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