Monday, December 13, 2010

Denmark requests Seahawk helicopter buy

BY FLIGHT GLOBAL-Denmark has requested the possible purchase of 12 Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk helicopters, with personnel training and logistics support costs to take the value of the deal to $2 billion.
“The proposed sale will improve Denmark’s anti-submarine and surface warfare capability and provide an improved search and rescue and anti-ship surveillance capability,” the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency says. They could also be used as homeland defence and critical infrastructure protection assets, it adds.
The Royal Danish Navy has an active inventory of eight AgustaWestland Lynx 90B helicopters. These entered use with the service between 1980 and 2001, says Flightglobal’s HeliCAS database.
Sikorsky produces the MH-60R in conjunction with systems integrator Lockheed Martin. The US Navy has 76 of the type in use and confirmed orders for another 75, HeliCAS say

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