Wednesday, December 29, 2010


SOURCE : AJAY NAIK Security Editorial Panel For Security Magazine ( Magazine) Russian and India have recently cleared way for the development of India's first Stealth fighter aircraft which will be based on Sukhoi 's T-50 (Pak-Fa) 5th Generation aircraft, Russia will field a real Pak-Fa Prototype only in 2013 which will incorporate a better 3D Thrust Vectoring Controls (TVC) nozzles powered by an upgraded AL-41F engine, while
it will also get Stealth treatment near its engine section. After first flight of T-50 many western defense experts claimed that Indian FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft) will be only MKIisation of Pak- FA, but recent agreement clears some air in development of FGFA. HAL will be working FGFA along with Sukhoi which will require intense modification to the airframe, HAL will have a 30 % share in design work of FGFA, and whole Avionics package will designed and integration will be done HAL, cockpit layout of the aircraft will also be done by HAL that will include MFDs, FGFA will be a twin seat 5th gen Fighter aircraft has required by Indian air force which will also require redevelopment of wings and control surfaces. HAL will also integrate avionics which will also find its way into AMCA which ADA will be developing soon. FGFA which will have Second pilot or
a WSO officer meaning additional avionics will have to be developed for the second pilot, HAL will also integrate Avionics of European origins, and HAL will also be developing Indian Mission Control Computer for FGFA. India would bring into play its expertise in composites, lightweight high-strength materials that significantly bring down the weight of FGFA. While HAL is tight lipped about Weapons package which might go in FGFA since it is too early to talk about it but sources have indicated that FGFA will have Indian Astra -2 and Astra-1 has main BVR Missiles, FGFA will also incorporate European Weapons package. HAL will also be developing Electronic Warfare package for the aircraft too, now it seems that FGFA will if not Be totally indigenous aircraft but will have a significant Indian input and it will only help India develop AMCA countries Indigenous 5th generation fighter aircraft and first flight of it has been planned by 2018-20 time frame, just
after development of FGFA will be over.

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