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Indian Army Scouts For F-INSAS Assault Rifle

Indian Army's phased future infantry soldier as a system (F-INSAS) programme to create a fully integrated infantry soldier, Army HQ has floated requirements [PDF] for a new assault rifle that will, potentially, be license-built in large numbers. HERE IS THE ORIGINAL RFI ISSUED BY INDIAN ARMY

1. Ministry of Defence, Government of India is desirous of procuring
Assault Rifle for the Infantry. With the view to identify probable vendors
who can undertake the said project, OEMs/ Vendors are requested to
forward information on the product which they can offer. The
parameters/broad specifications of the item are mentioned in the
questionnaire attached as per Appendix 'A'. In addition the vendors are
required to furnish details as per performa at Appendix 'B'.
2. Apart from the information as per the Appendices the vendors may
also forward technical details/product brochures/literature etc pertaining to
the item in question.
3. The required information / details may please be forwarded at the
following address by 31 Dec 2010:
(a) Additional Directorate General of Weapons
and Equipment (WE - 8/9)
General Staff Branch
Room No 208 G
South Block
Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
DHQ PO, New Delhi – 110011
(Fax : +91-11-23793274, Email :
Infantry Directorate
GS Branch
Room No 437, A Wing, Sena Bhawan,
Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army)
DHQ PO, New Delhi – 110011
(Fax : +91-11-23014654, Email :
(c) Directorate General of Perspective Planning
Room No 902, 'A' Wing
Sena Bhawan,
Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army)
DHQ PO, New Delhi – 110011
(Fax : +91-11-23011198)
4. An early response is requested.
Appendix 'A'
1. Following Parameters / specifications of Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM's) equipment is requested in the responses to our
Request for Information:-
Question/Specification Reply
(a) What is the caliber of the Assault Rifle?
Specify the ammunition it can fire?
(b) What is the maximum effective range of the
Assault Rifle?
(c) What is the weight of the Assault Rifle with
empty magazines (less attachment)?
(d) What is the rate of fire of the weapon?
(e) What is the muzzle velocity?
(f) Integrated Sighting System
(i) Does the weapon have luminous
tipped Flip-up iron sights?
(ii) Does the weapon have a Holographic
Sight / Reflex Sight? What is the weight of
the sight?
(iii) Does the weapon have a Telescopic
Sight? What is its weight, magnification
and field of view?
(iv) Does the weapon also have Visible
Laser Target Pointer and Laser
Illuminator? What is its range and weight?
Are they integrated with Holographic/
Reflex Sight?
(g) UBGL. Can a Under Barrel Grenade
Launcher (UBGL) be attached to the
weapon?. If yes then
(i) What is the caliber of the UBGL?
(ii) Is UBGL breech loaded or muzzle
(iii) What is the maximum range of the
(iv) What is the weight of the UBGL?
(v) What types of grenades can be fired
from the UBGL?
(vi) Can the UBGL be fired in a standalone
mode? If yes, then what are the
modifications required?
Question/Specification Reply
(vii) Does the UBGL have a multipurpose
fire control system? If yes, then please
provide specifications and features. What
types of grenades are supported by the
programmable ballistic computer? Is
integration of Laser Range Finder possible
with the Fire Control System?
(h) Modularity. Is the weapon modular
and facilitates replacement of subassemblies
without the use of any
specialist tools?
If the weapon is modular then :-
(i) Is it possible to have multi caliber barrel
change capability for the following calibers.
(aa) 5.56 X 45mm.
(ab) 7.62 X 39mm.
(ac) 7.62 X 51mm.
(ad) 6.8 X 43mm.
(ae) 6.5 Grendel.
(ii) If the answer to the previous question
is yes then:-
(aa) Which calibers of barrels
can be offered?
(ab) Are different lengths of
barrel for same caliber? Give details.
(ac) Does a change in caliber
necessitate having different
(ad) What is the length and weight
of the rifle for different calibers of
(ae) Can the different caliber barrels
be changed by the firer under field
condition or can only be changed in
a workshop?
(af) Which other components need
to be changed along with the barrel in
a weapon having multi caliber barrel
changing capability?
(ag) What types of ammunition can
be fired from the weapon?
(ah) What is the cost of a weapon
having multi barrel changing
capability including the cost of
Question/Specification Reply
various types of barrels?
(k) Ambidextrous. Is the weapon
ambidextrous? If yes then are the following
components of the Assault Rifle
(i) Cocking/Charging handle.
(ii) Ejection port.
(iii) Change lever/ Safety catch.
(iv) Holding opening catch.
(v) Magazine catch.
(l) Is there a requirement to carry out
modifications to achieve ambidextrous
capability in above mentioned
components? Are these modification
possible in field by firer or in workshop?
(m) Picatinny Rails. Does the Assault Rifle
have full length Picatinny Rails at 12
O’clock position with additional rails at 3
O’clock, 6 O’clock and 9 O’clock position?
(n) Magazine. What is the carrying capacity,
strength, type of material used for
construction? Can two magazines be
clipped together?
(o) Flash Suppressor. Does the rifle have
flash suppressor?
(p) Reliability. What is the reliability of the
Assault Rifle, specify in terms of various
stoppages during a firing cycle of 1000
(q) Effectiveness. Specify the lethality,
accuracy and hit probability of the rifle.
(r) Safety. What are the safety features
incorporated in the Assault Rifle? What are
modes (single, auto, etc) of firing?
(s) Construction. What is the metallurgy/
types of materials used in construction of
the weapon? Give out characteristics and
repair/maintenance aspects?
(t) Butt Stock. What are the various types
of butt stock being offered for the Assault
Rifle? Does the butt have an integral,
permanently affixed waterproof storage
compartment and a comfortable back plate
that is shock absorbent and non-metallic?
Question/Specification Reply
Please specify length of weapon including
flash suppressor for various types of butt
(u) Trigger Guard. Does the weapon have
trigger guard? Can the trigger be operated
with cold climate gloves?
(v) Attachment.
(i) Can a multipurpose bayonet be
attached to the Assault Rifle?
(ii) How many sling attachment points
are there in the weapon?
(iii) Is vertical forehand grip available
which can be fixed on picatinny rail of rifle?
(iv) What provision is available to fire
blank rounds from the rifle?
2. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) / Copyright Holders are
requested to confirm that they are willing for a demonstration of weapon
system in India on a No Cost No Commitment basis.
3. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) / Copyright Holders are
requested to confirm that they can supply limited equipment for trials on
No Cost No Commitment basis.
4. What is the OEMs yearly production capability of the Assault Rifle?
5. OEMs are requested to indicate the minimum quantity of weapons
with which , they would be willing to offer transfer of technology.
6. Countries/ World Armies in which your Assault Rifle, Under Barrel
Grenade Launcher (UBGL) and other items listed above are being used
and since when, may please be listed out.
Appendix 'B'
1. Name of the Vendor/Company/Firm.
(Company profile, in brief, to be attached)
2. Type (Tick the Relevant Category).
(a) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Yes / No
(b) Government sponsored Export Agency Yes/No
(Details of Registration be provided)
(c) Authorised Representative of OEM Yes/No
(attach details)
(d) Other (give specific details)
(e) Any collaborator/partner in India (in case of foreign vendors).
3. Contact Details.
Postal Address
City:_____________________Province :__________________
Country:_______________ Pin/Zip Code:___________
Tele:_______________ Fax:________________
4. Local Branch/Liaison Office/Authorised Representatives in
Delhi (if any).
Name and Address
City :___________________ Province:__________________
Country:_______________ Pin/Zip Code:________________
Tele:_______________ Fax:________________
5. Financial Details.
(a) Annual turn over:________________________ USD
(b) Earlier contracts with Indian Ministry of Defence/
Government agencies:-
Agency Contract
Equipment Quantity Cost
(c) Details of manufacturing infrastructure
6. Certification by Quality Assurance Organisation (If Applicable).
Agency Certificate Applicable from
(Date & Year)
Valid till (Date &
7. Equipment/Product Profile (to be submitted for each product
(a) Name of the Product:_______________________
(Should be given category wise for e.g. all products under night
vision devices to be mentioned together)
(b) Description (attach technical literature) : ____________
(c) Whether OEM or Integrator:________________
(d) Status (in service/Design development state): _________
(e) Production capacity per annum : ______________
(f) Countries where equipment is in service : ____________
(g) Whether export clearance is required from respective
government (Foreign Vendors only).
(h) In case of equipment and ammunition JB MoU
compliance to be specified.
(j) Details of any collaboration/joint venture/co production/
authorised dealer with Indian Industry (Foreign Vendors only):
Name & Address: ____________________________________
Tele:____________________ Fax:__________________
8. (a) Are you making the full equipment or is it being integrated
by you? Give details.
(b) What are the components, sub system or subassemblies
of te equipment which are not manufactured by
you? Please give details.
(c) Any other Relevant Information.



2:Beretta ARX 160



 6:SAR 21

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