Friday, December 10, 2010

No Fins ,No Truss joint Agni- II Prime Emerges for first launch

Picture of New still to be tested  Agni missiles have started emerging on internet media , DRDO has named it Agni-II Prime (A2P-01) a mere upgraded Agni-II missile , but it seems it is completely new missile with missing fins and truss joint.
DRDO plans to test the missile on 10 December and has been preparing it for first launch for few weeks past , missile was supposed to be tested  on 6 December but was stuck due to inclement weather and incessant rain that lashed the Orissa coast following a depression.
According to Director General of DRDO V K Saraswat, the new missile would have a higher range, higher performance with respect to the thrust and weight ratio than Agni-II missile which has a range of 2,000 km.
New missile has been designed to counter BMD , and still hit its target , flex nozzle has been added in the first stage to counter BMD missiles , Missile also features new Warhead section which is much slimmer and longer and the whole missile and its launch pad seems to be completely new .
A2P will carry extra fuel to carry out intense maneuvers to avoid BMD and still achieve same range of Agni-II that’s 2000km plus with a one tonne payload .

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