Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pic:It was Mig-29KUB NO 672 Twin Seater which suffered Hydraulic Snag

Its was a Naval Twin seater aircraft Mig-29KUB NO 672 which made a smooth touch down after facing Hydraulic Snag which lead to a Tyre burst , Mig-29 made an emergency landing on runway 0826 at Dabolim Airport, which is also Major also stations  Major Naval Base INS HANSA .

soon after landing distressed aircraft was attended by Fire tenders and maintenance engineers of Indian Navy ,and soon aircraft was towed back to Hangar for repairs , this emergency landing caused few civilian aircraft’s to remain airborne .
Picture is been taken from a local newspaper send to us by a spotter in Goa , and has per his information this particular bird has been seen flying regularly

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