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Chinese J-20 - A mig hand cannot be ruled out.

The new chinese jet has appeared all over J-20 , with a read star on its fins , which has been a prominent hallmark of MIG corporation, it is just a co-incidence or something some. lets see.

1.The new fighter has emerged some call it deliberate leak , some call it propaganda but where did this new fighter just come up ? its a work of more than a decade and i can assure you this because to build a fighter prototype does need a lot of time especially when the country in question here is not known for building jets in the past
10 years ago chinese avaitioan industry was starting out , with a lot of funds and cash inflows what was lacking was a expert designer concept and experience , round about this time, the mid nineties the Soviet union demise had caused their erstwhile ginat war machines to suffer at the hands of lack of future, funds and orders , during this time many countries had stepped in to cash in on the great soviet war machineries from the broken republics of the soviet union , one of the several gainers was china and nobody ever denied that.
Chinese aviation industries started out work on a lot of designs and projects at this time of the year round about 1997 - 98 and some of the chief ones were
Since 90s both CAC/611 Institute and SAC/601 Institute had been working their own designs for a twin-engine multi-role heavy fighter.It was speculated that 601 Institute was working on a "tri-plane" design based on canard/conventional layout/V-shape tailfin while 611 Institute working on a design based on canard/tailless delta wing/all moving V-shape tailfin/side DSI/bump inlet layout. All designs were expected to feature an internal weapon bay to reduce RCS, which has been speculated to be <0.05m2 (head-on)

Suffering from loss of orders and uncertain future the once proud workforce of aviation giants MIG has to look for greener pastures to sustain and china was an open option for them, since china still now is a closed country nobody can give you the figures as to how much level such skilled work force ight have migrated or how many designs or concepts might have chnaged hands though them was , is and always will be a secret but even the hardest of chinese followers wont deny the truth in this.

so where does it stand lets look the new j-20 is its china 5th gen plane , definitely looks but will it enter serial production , cant say what i can say with a very very good gurantee is that this is not the only 5th gen program that is running in the chinese aviation industry , this prototype is just one of the many prototypes that we will see in this decade from china.the chinese aviation industry has followed the scramble and pile technique , many design teams started their own project and goes on independently till the final outcome recahes to some thing substantial when they try and merge such minor projects and work in collaboration to make a final product ,.this J-20 is a work of many minor programs over a decade and half that is merged to make a final program , how far the chinese wish to continue with this project depends on other similar parallel projects and how much success they attain

judging fromt he initial pictures experts have made comments and i ahve read them soemthing that stands out majorly is this :-
1>The prototype features a pair of all-moving tailfins and Russian 1.44 style ventral stabilizing fins, which shield the engine nozzles.
2> Russian assistance has been in terms of software support for calculating the RCS of various designs, as well as the rumored supply of Salyut 99M2 turbofan engine (14,000kg class) to power the prototypes.
Both the russian program and the chinese program is too early to speculate on which one with be better but comparing the graphics experts have their own diverse views , what we are interested is that the chinese stealth fighter program does not revolve roud this single model ,prototype and to transform the paramerts of the desigans and work on paper to reality will take a lot of time and help and this help might already be there in the form of erstwhile aviation giants MIG.

MIG 1.44 TD

The red star which has proudly been the hallmark of mig over the ages now sits on the tails of the J-20 and the co-incidence is too obvious for the naked eye , as times grow in a closed chinese media you will still find out how the J-20 started out from the seeds of a an erstwhile giant in aviation industry known as the MIG.
for a layman like me with limited technical knowledge i have to read and research more on technical matters to compare the two which i am doing while awaiting for a leaked video of J20 be

MIG 1.44

MIG 1.44 from back

J20 from back

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