Friday, January 14, 2011

EDA Launches Call for Proposals for UAV Program

SOURCE DEFENSENEWS.COM, BRUSSELS - The European Defence Agency has launched a 2.126 million euro call for proposals to develop compact and lightweight radar and systems technology solutions for small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).
The call is part of a 21 million euro program running from September 2009 until April 2013. That overall program contract was won by a four-company consortium made up of Thales UK, Thales Airborne Systems (France), Selex Galileo (UK) and Saab (Sweden).
The main aim of the program is to develop a light and compact radio frequency payload for small UAVs with a combination of Synthetic Aperture Radar/ Moving Target Indicator (SAR/MTI), Foliage Penetrating (FOPEN), Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and possibly communications. For example, FOPEN is expected to make it possible for the UAV to 'see' soldiers in a forest through the foliage while ESM are hoped to detect other electromagnetic sources (e.g. enemy radar or communications equipment).
If the first phase of this program is successful, a second phase is expected to be launched some time after April 2013. The "expected results of the project will be a response to the projected capability needs arising within the time horizon of 2015-2020," the EDA said in a press release.
"In order to guarantee the best technology knowledge available in Europe two open calls for research supplier proposals are organized by the consortium, without discrimination on grounds of nationality, type of research suppliers and so on," adds the EDA. A first call was held in September 2009.
Companies interested in putting in a bid can attend a bidding conference where they will be provided with more information. Conferences take place in France on Feb. 21, in the U.K. on Feb. 22 and in Sweden on Feb. 24. The contact points are: (France), (UK) and (Sweden).
Sub-contracts for successful bids will then be placed through the national competition leaders: Thales in France, Selex Galileo in the UK and Saab AB in Sweden. The projects are due to start in around June 2011 at the latest, with the programs expected to be of up to 18-month duration. For more detailed information on the topic areas, see:

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