Wednesday, January 12, 2011

India to order 42 more HAL-produced Su-30MKIs

Hindustan Aeronautics expects the Indian air force to order an additional 42 locally produced Sukhoi Su-30MKIs.
The possible order would come on top of the 180 Su-30MKIs HAL is already producing for the air force, says company chairman Ashok Nayak.

About 105 aircraft from the 180-strong order have been delivered so far, Nayak says. In addition, in mid-2010, India ordered 40 Su-30MKIs as flyaways from Russia's Sukhoi.

Although the in-service aircraft receives less publicity than the air force's medium multi-role combat aircraft competition or indigenously produced Tejas light combat aircraft, the Su-30MKI is the service's backbone and has represented India in several international exercises.

HAL rolled out its first completed Su-30MKI in November 2004.


  1. You have very decent and good blog. I cannot understand point of making a deal where we get our stuff after 10 years when this technology is already taken over by new stealth migs as developed by china. I really do not understand why indian government makes the procedure simple.

  2. Thanks alot!!Vivek ... Actully When this Su30mki trickling down to IAF in say 2018. It'll be more advance than its predcessor in IAF like AESA RADAR,MORE ADVANCE ENGINE,NEW AVONICS LIKE SAMTEL FULL TOUCHSCREEN MFD,ADVANCE MAYAVI MK2 EWS . This makes SU 30MKI AS 4.75 GEN. Btw don't worry about China J20,it gonna take 6-8 years before comes forward as fully developed 5th gen aircraft and thats why we have FGFA to stand against it. You see for 5th gen we have 5th gen too with much better and advance tech than chinese ever dreamed for. But do they have 4.75 gen aircrafts and mmrca class aircrafts ?? Ans is Big "NO" . Anyway feel free to give suggestion and what you like to see in this blog .


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