Friday, January 21, 2011

ISRO allocates Rs 9 cr for research on manned space mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has allocated Rs 9.8 crore to Institute of Aerospace Medicine for upgrading its laboratories to conduct research for its manned mission into space. “The Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine is working in collaboration with ISRO to develop a spacecraft to carry man to space…The ISRO has given us Rs 9.8 crore to upgrade our laboratories for conducting the research,” Air marshal Dipankar Ganguly, director general of medical services (Air), said.
Institute of Aerospace Medicine, a premier Institute of the Air Force, is the hub of aerospace medicine activities in the country. It was established as a centre for aeromedical activities related to military and civil aviation.
“We are also responsible for selection and training of the prospective Indian astronauts. They will be subjected to physical examinations like cardiac, dental, neurological, opthalmologic, psychological, radiographic and ENT tests at Indian Aerospace Medicine lab in Bangalore,” Ganguly said.

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