Friday, January 07, 2011

SAAB 340 MSA, SAAB 2000 MPA Offered for Indian Navy Maritime Surveillance Requirements

BY INDIANDEFENCE.IN Swedish defense major Saab has confirmed to India Defence ( that the SAAB 340 Maritime Security Aircraft and the SAAB 2000 Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft have been offered to the Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy respectively to meet the security and surveillance requirements across India's vast coastline.

"We have already made a presentation to Coast Guard for SAAB 340 Maritime Security Aircraft as a contender for Mid-Tier Maritime Patrol (MTMP) aircraft program and are waiting for further updates from them."

"We have offered SAAB 2000 MPA to Indian Navy under medium-range maritime reconnaissance (MRMR) program."
-- Mr. Inderjit Sial, Saab's Country Head for India

Saab 340 MSA

 The Saab 340 MSA is multi-role surveillance aircraft for detection, clasification and identification of maritime contacts. It is also a powerfull Search-And-Rescue asset and is capable of operating independently or in unison with other marine and land-based assets.

  • Cost Effective Surveillance - With a maximum endurance of 7 hours and a maximum range in excess of 1,300 NM.
  • Reliable Sensors - Equipped with proven sensors for detecting, classifying and identifying maritime surface contacts.
Max endurance 7 hours
Max range 1,300 NM
Time on station
(at 200 NM EEZ) 3.5 hours
Time to climb 10,000 ft 5 mins
Max cruise speed 265 knots (TAS)
Patrol speed 140 knots (IAS)
Takeoff distance 1,350 m
Service ceiling 25,000 ft

Saab 2000 MPA

 The Saab 2000 MPA is a multi-role airborne surveillance platform for Maritime Domain Awareness. It offers Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, ISR, maritime patrol and enforcement options either working alone or together with other assets and that ensures your command of the maritime arena.

  • Long Range and Long Endurance - With a maximum endurance in excess of 9 hours and a maximum range in excess of 2000 nm.
  • Advanced Sensors - The Saab 2000 MPA is equipped with advanced sensors for detecting, classifying and identifying surface and subsurface targets.
Max endurance > 9.5 hours
Max range > 2,000 NM
Time on station
(at 200 NM EEZ) 5.5 hours
Time to climb 20,000 ft 10 mins
Max cruise speed 350 knots (TAS)
Patrol speed 160 knots (IAS)
Takeoff distance 1,300 m
Service ceiling 31,000 ft

Mission assumptions:
ISA standard atmosphere, sea level airfield, nil wind.
Typical mission:
Position 200 NM to EEZ, patrol at 2,000 ft for 5.5
hours and reposition 200 NM back to base, hold
fuel for 45 minutes holding and alternate fuel for
100 NM diversion.
Actual performance depends on
specific operational empty weight

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