Thursday, January 13, 2011

Win a Gripen flight at Aero India

SOURCE GRIPEN.IN If you’ve ever dreamed about really, well and truly satisfying your need for speed, here’s your shot.
Swedish defense company Saab has launched a contest that offers a grand prize of a flight on its Gripen NG fighter aircraft at Aero India in Bangalore next month.
All you have to do is go to Gripen Top Guns, click on the Facebook Connect button and enter your login details.
Joanna Sj√∂lander, Director of Gripen in India, says, “Someone in India with a life long dream will be flying a world beating fighter aircraft very soon. We hope the games we offer will be tempting to many people and look forward to making one big dream, as well as many small wishes, come true.”
Five winners of the Professional or Ace level of the contest will get to fly the Gripen simulator at the air show. By the way, to play the Ace level you need to have Microsoft Flight Simulator installed on your computer. But only one of those five will actually be offered a seat in the Gripen. The winner will need to show an Indian passport, attend an interview and submit to a health checkup, besides adhering to some physical requirements.
Gripen is also hunting for models for its calendar. Six of each sex. So those of you who like to preen and think would make the cut, head over to the contest website and login as described above. Remember, they require you to be properly dressed in all the photographs you submit. There’s a cash prize of INR 25,000 each, besides opportunities to model for advertisements as well.
The last date to win the flight or become the Gripen model is the end of this month and the minimum age for both is 18 years. If you don’t live in or around Bangalore, Saab will fly you in for the air show.
And for those of you who aren’t 18 yet or don’t get to fly or model, there are still other goodies to be won, including Gripen flight suits and shades.
So go ahead, but just don’t buzz the tower. The Indian Air Force (IAF) will not be amused.

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