Friday, March 18, 2011

Ignis Aerospace Partners With Lectromec, Radel On Aircraft Wiring

Ignis Aerospace is partnering with Lectromec of the U.S. and India’s Radel to analyze the safety and effectiveness of aircraft wiring systems.Developing or maintaining a wiring system involves more than just ensuring all aircraft components are connected; it is also about minimizing the number and weight of wires, addressing routing needs and determining co-location and arc hazards.
“A cohesive examination of these areas can ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft systems,” Raj V. Gopal, Ignis vice president for sales and marketing, tells Aviation Week. “This advanced analysis is now available through the Radel, Ignis and Lectromec partnership.”
Ignis is already working on the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft Mk. 2 in association with India’s Aeronautical Development Agency.
“This partnership significantly improves the knowledge and experience of each of our companies,” says Michael Traskos, president of Lectromec. “I believe that this will be able to provide a comprehensive engineering, design and risk assessment [capability] for both new and existing aircraft.”
Radel has been providing design and manufacturing services to aerospace organizations in India and possesses expertise in aircraft systems, electrical harnesses, test equipment, obsolescence management and other related disciplines.
Lectromec specializes in the field of aircraft wiring testing; electrical wire interconnection systems, risk assessments, wire degradation analysis services, research, and design software for carrying out such analysis.

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