Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brazil-France agreement for submarine production is approved

The Senate's Plenary approved on Thursday (5) an agreement between Brazil and France, signed in December 2008, for cooperation in the production of submarines. The Legislative Decree Bill (PDS) 79\11 goes to promulgation.

The approved agreement establishes bilateral cooperation to develop and build conventional submarines of the type Scorpène (SBR), as well as of a submarine with a conventional weapon to receive a nuclear reactor to be developed by the Brazilian part (SNBR).

The text establishes the purchase of four submarines by Brazil and technology transfer, as well as the French assistance for the construction of a dockyard for submarines and a naval base.

At the Committee on External Relations and National Defense, the rapporteur, senator João Pedro (PT-AM), remarked that two aspects made the French proposal attractive to the Brazilian government: the need detected by the Brazilian Navy of nuclear propulsion submarines, that will be able to promote proper surveillance of the Brazilian continental shelf deep waters, where the pre-salt layer’s oil fields are located, and the decision of France to offer technology.

According to João Pedro, the Brazilian Navy evaluates that such submarines can remain underwater for longer periods, being more proper to surveillance in deep waters.

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