Monday, April 18, 2011

PICTURE: Bell flies OH-58 with new engine

SOURCE FLIGHT GLOBAL Bell Helicopter has completed first flight of a re-engined OH-58F Kiowa Warrior designed to meet the US Army's new requirements for a more powerful scout helicopter.
The internally funded OH-58 Block II climbed to about 500ft (150m) on its first flight at Bell's Xworx research and development facility near Fort Worth, Texas.
Last year, Bell revealed plans to integrate the Honeywell HTS900-2 engine on the OH-58 Block II, replacing the Rolls-Royce Model 250R-C2 installed on the operational fleet.
The HTS900-2 provides nearly twice the power of the R-R engine, potentially allowing the OH-58 to hover at 6,000ft in 35°C (95°F) temperatures.

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