Sunday, September 04, 2011

At least 1000 PAK FA fighters will be manufactured until 2050 ,Chinese order included

According to the forecasts of Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (CAWAT), at least 1000 PAK FA fighters will be manufactured in the network of production program by 2050. The expected order of Russian air forces is 200-250 aircraft, Sukhoi Company reports.
At present Russia and India are taking part in PAK FA program. The Indian order, already announced by the officials of its armed forces, is assessed at 250 jets.
Among the possible customers of PAK FA’s export variant are: Algeria (approximate period of deliveries – 2025-2030), Argentina (2035-2040), Brazil (2030-2035), Venezuela (2027-2032), Vietnam (2030-2035), Indonesia (2028-2032), Iran (in case embargo on deliveries of arms is removed, 2035-2040), Kazakhstan (2025-2035), China (under the specific conditions, 2025-2035), Malaysia (2035-2040), Syria (2025-2030).
The total potential order of these countries is assessed by CAWAT at 274-388 jets.
The geography of fifth-generation Russia-India fighter’s export may appear to be significantly wider, for example, by means of CIS Region. It is also possible that some countries from Western Europe will become the PAK FA’s export variant customers when it will be adapted to their requirements.
According to the experts of CAWAT, the claimed aircraft performance of the new Russian fighter corresponds to the state-of-the-art American F-22 air superiority fighter.

Isn't so funny and hilarious that same Mother Russia is now offering PAK FA to China too even though they  signed some 35billion $ deal with India .Thanks to India taxpayer money Russian PAK FA is now a reality but what India get from this is still very much debatable(and what if India joined Japanese ATDX program  where they'll get equal chance ,more equality, more experience and technology which always be Intact with India and Japanese only  )  .Yet another example of Economics 101  why we shouldn't do the business and important deal straight from the heart ..

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