Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Indian Defence lab aims to make artillery

SOURCE DECCAN CHRONICLE After acquiring Bofors guns in 1986, the country is yet to develop self-propelled artillery for combat.
The Avadi-based Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) is looking forward to 2012 as a prospective year for forging partnership to develop an area destruction weapon that would complement the point specific Arjun Tank-II.
Speaking to Deccan Chronicle on Jan. 1 — celebrated as Defence Research and Development Organisation day — DRDO’s flagship laboratory CVRDE’s director Dr P. Siva Kumar said that the lab is involved in development of armoured fighting vehicles.
The tank-making division is anticipating a positive development in outsourcing technology for the turret, a rotating weapons platform, to produce self-propelled guns in India.
“We were to go for production of a 155 mm self-propelled Howitzer variant of the Arjun, labelled Bhima in 2000, but for some reason it was stopped. Now, the technical evaluation is going on in procuring technology for turret to go with the chassis of Arjun and we hope it will materialise in 2012,” he said, adding the contract indent cost is expected to be about Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 crore.
Explaining that the Arjun tank is a weapon against point specific targets, Mr Kumar said, the area destruction weapon would help hit a target even at 45 kms.
He also noted that CVRDE is looking forward to forge a partnership with the Army to start production of a futuristic main battle tank.
“We have already started working on chassis automatic systems and transmission,” he added.
The Avadi unit would also contribute to R& D in the triple missions of tracked unmanned vehicles (TUV) by September.

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