Saturday, September 15, 2012

Final Design configuration of India’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) remains mystery


National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) which showed a Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) Image in  their annual report , seems to be completely different from the previous images shown by Various DRDO agencies which are working on the Final Design configuration .
When contacted it sources in various agencies we were told that Final Design configuration of India’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA)  will be ready soon and once wind tunnel tests are done , Indian air force will be getting a report on AMCA .
AMCA design shown by ADA and DRDO agencies in last Aero India 2011 , might change due to changes requested by Indian air force in the  Air Staff Requirements (ASR) submitted to the Agencies , from a  Semi-stealth  fighter  aircraft , current ASR requested fully capable Stealth 5th Generation fighter  aircraft.
ASR for AMCA was issued by Indian air force in end of 2010 , and the images and models shown by Agencies in Aero India 2011 was based on preliminary design phase. it likely that new tweaked AMCA models and images will be shown in next Aero India which will be held in 2013
Sources also informed that many Designs are in consideration ( 3 or 4 has told few times back) and final call will be taken soon and recent image is one of the Designs currently under going Wind tunnel and other Virtual testing for Stealth optimization and it is not final design configuration . is hoping that current mystery will be solved in Aero India next year or in the coming months soon , DRDO is currently planning three Prototypes of AMCA which will carry out initial test flights 

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