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Chat transcript with Dr K Tamilmani ( Chief Controller R&D (Aero))

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Dr K Tamilmani ( Chief Controller R&D (Aero)) arranged by Tarmak007 (Facebook page)

Some of the answers for your questions

1) LCA Mk1 production rate is said to be 16 aircrafts per-year, at present are there any plans to increase the production rate of LCA Mk1 ?

Dr: The current efforts are to increase the production facility to 16 a/c per year. It will become a reality from 2016.(Kind of Confusing as earlier it was confirmed by many sources that LCA will achieve its FOC by DEC or by early next year)

2) Sir what are the future intended platforms for redeveloped Kaveri-GTX ?

We are not planning any new platform. Our focus is on resolving tech challenges on kavevri engine and prove it to be a successful Indian engine.

3) Sir......our spending on defense is less in that expenditure on R&D too little what is your view on fund shortage. some projects are doing really good & some are in sick condition, what measures are taken for sick projects

Funds shortages never delayed Indian def R&D. We are happy with the support. With an increase allocation we will be able to take up more prog. We need fund augmentation to undertake technology projects. Our govt is considering our proposals.

4) Sir, When the country can expect AMCA to be fully operational keeping in mind that ADA is fully committed to TEJAS LCA MKII and what are your suggestion for HAL to augment in manufacturing facility to 20-25 aircraft per year .

We are in the initial stages of project definition of AMCA. Any program of this nature requires 10 years. We are going to see the AMCA around 2020.

5) what is the status of naval lca? Are all issues for naval LCA sorted out?when will np2 fly?

All the design issues on lca navy has been completed. any issues arising out of flight testing will be addressed.NP2 will be flying much before this year end.

6) Good evng Sir......What about satus of electronic Warfare nd laser guns.Is DRDO doing any projects on it ?

Now it is jointly mandated that EW systems for our military applications will be totally indigeniised. Many of our programs on EW are already successfully realised and integrated onto the fliying platforms and naval platforms.

7) Sir, what do u think about d participation of private firms in R&D, like d American aero industry???

We need the backing of pvt firms to take Indian R&D to greater heights. Efforts are being put to make them understand the complex nature of defence R&D. It's a matter of time before they too join in all our major progs.In multiple programs we have already integrated private vendors in the R&D.

8) Hello, could you please provide some details with respect to the Tejas Mk.2 in terms of timelines and specific features and how it could compare to Gripen NG. Thanks

LCA MK2 design phase is completed. We are in the process of releasing drawings for production and the program is jointly progressed along with the users.

9) Sir...have the GE 414 engines for LCA arrived? Will np3, np4 proptotypes GE 414 powered?


10) Any info on lch?

LCH is on advanced stage of flight testing for certification. one of the best products with proven ALH technologies.

11) Good evening Mr.DG
What is the benefit of having single engine air warrio (LCA)r over multi engine aircraft?? I guess its more prone to any single hit than to dual engine aircraft!! apart from economical solution, please specify

High performance aircraft with large weapon carrying capability and operational range requires twin engine of high thrust class. It has its own advantage of redundancy and a complexity of managing it during flight operations.

12) What is the total speed of tejas and will it be increased in tejas mk2?I have heard that tejas has speeds of upto mach1.6 ,is it true?

We have demostrated 1.6 M in LCA and the it is also the same for MK2

13) Can LCA mk2 make it to production by 2017 ? When will be the first flight?
We will initiate first flight in 2017 and production in 2019.

14) Russia has always been an ally to us,can't we engage in many more projects with Russia and learn much from them for our future projects like China does ?they seem very willing for partnership than western counterparts.

Yes. What you said is a fact. We are already integrating for joint working in our engine development prog.

15) Sir, why there is no news about second test of nirbhay CM?
You will shortly hear about the same

16) Sir, there are news regarding wind tunnel/engine test bed facilities with the help of Boeing, any info you would like to share?

We are already in talks with Boeing for setting up wind tunnel and high-altitude engine test facilities.

17) Which aviation technology , according to you is currently giving the biggest headache to DRDO . For ex, forISRO it probably was the cryo engine, anything similar and sharable for DRDO

Aero engine development

18) When will light utility/observation helicopter project be finished and enter production.
Prototype is getting ready for various ground test and expected to start flying during the second half of next year. It is feasible to complete the certfication trails in two years.

19) Hello, If Rafale deal is through then what kind of TOT would DRDO like to have from Framce that could be used for Tejas Mk.2 and future product

TOT is always for the industry and not with DRDO.

20) sir, We are developing indigenous Aesa for LCA mk2, what's the status?

The design phase is cocmpleted. Many of the past products like TR modules can be used here for realising the AESA. The flying test bed that drdo plans to acquire will accelerate the devlopment

21) i want to ask u tat.....wy india is nt able to devlop its indegenous jet tainer.....wat is the main reason of causing this....thank you sir...
We have developed trainer in the past. and the current trainer will be indicted in the during the first half of the next year. Limited Series Production is already launched.

22) Sir, what is the excact status of IJT Sitara? Why DRDO is failed to supply it to IAF before dedline? can u pl elaborate.

There are some tech issues which emerged during flight testing. The solution is in sight. the certification should be in by Dec.

23) what about our kaveri engine project?will it be ok to the time of amca?
may not be possible. Use of kaveri for AMCA as the thrust requiremnts are different. But kaveri has potential for other programs in India.

24) Gud Evening Sir, what is ur opinion about Reverse Engineering? which china is Doing.

I have realised that reverse engg is more complex that abinitio development. :cheesy:

25) Also what's the status for Kaveri? Is it true India going to develope 75-110kn class turbofan?

Kaveri is in the testing phases for endurance and reliability with multiple prototypes for certification process. We hope to succeed in 2 years after completing the airworthiness tests.

26) Good evening Dr. Tamilmani: When will we see the Rustom get inducted in the forces?

Rustom is in the initial taxing test stage we may commencce develpoment flights this year by 2018 we hope to complete the certification for induction into service

27) Respected Sir, When will we see the DRDO ERJ 145 AEW&CS induction into IAF?

The testing flights are on. Possibly by this year we should have the first one getting inducted.

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