Wednesday, April 23, 2014

India successfully test fired supersonic missile Akash from Odisha coast

Source Admin :India today successfully test fired supersonic missile Akash from Odisha coast. Developmental test of supersonic missile 'Akash' conducted from the launch pad 3 of the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur.

The missile successfully hit the pilotless aircraft Lakshya at 2.43 PM 13 minutes after the aircraft took off. 

It should be noted the supersonic surface to air missile has a range of about 25 km and carries a 55 kg fragmentation warhead that is triggered by proximity fuze. The missile uses state-of-art integral ram jet rocket propulsion system and the onboard digital autopilot ensures stability and control. The missile has all the way command guidance for full range of operation. Electro-pneumatic servo actuation system controls cruciform wings for agile response, and thermal batteries provide onboard power supply. The Radio Proximity Fuse has advanced signal processing features. Together with the pre fragmented warhead and safety arming mechanism, a high kill probability of maneuvering targets is assured.

In December,2007 Indian Air Force completed user trials for the Akash missile system. The trials, which were spread over ten days were successful and the missile hit its target on all five occasions. Before the ten-day trial at Chandipur, the Akash system's ECCM Evaluation tests were carried out at Gwalior Air force base while mobility trials for the system vehicles were carried out at Pokhran. The IAF had evolved the user Trial Directive to verify the Akash's consistency in engaging targets.

The following trials were conducted: Against low flying near range target, long range high altitude target, crossing and approaching target and ripple firing of two missiles from the same launcher against a low altitude receding target. Following this, the IAF declared that it would initiate the induction of 2 squadrons strength (each squadron with 2 batteries) of this missile system, to begin with. Once deliveries are complete, further orders would be placed to replace retiring SA-3 GOA (Pechora) SAM systems. In February 2010, the Indian Air Force ordered six more squadrons of the Akash system, taking orders to eight of the type. The Indian Army is also expected to order the Akash system.

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