Monday, June 09, 2014

Crash!!! Crash!!!Crash!!!!From china to spain

BEIJING (PTI): A Chinese navy fighter jet crashed during an exercise over a mountain area in the eastern Zhejiang province. The jet crashed on June 5 near the city of Yiwu, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The aircraft was a fighter-bomber JH-7 "Flying Leopard". The navy aircraft from the Donghai Fleet of the Chinese navy crashed during tactical training courses, officials said. There was no collateral damage. Military officials did not say how many people were on board. The JH-7 typically carries two.

Spain : A Spanish air force Eurofighter jet has crashed at a military base near Seville, killing the pilot.
The air force captain was the only person on board when the plane smashed into the runway as it returned to the base around 2pm (1pm UK time).
"A Eurofighter has crashed on landing on the runway of the Moron base," confirmed a defence ministry spokeswoman.
Europa Press reported that the plane was taking part in a routine training exercise.
The cause of the accident is still unclear.
Rip to pilots

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