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Fifth-generation fighter T-50 caught fire on the airfield in Zhukovsky

Fifth-generation fighter T-50 caught fire on the airfield in Zhukovsky

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PakFa Fire 2127065 Damage zpsb2bbbf6e

MOSCOW, June 10. / ITAR-TASS /. Fifth-generation fighter T-50 (promising aviation complex tactical aviation, PAK FA) caught fire during tests in Zhukovsky, the fire was quickly extinguished, as a result of the accident no one was hurt. Told Itar-Tass learned at the press service of the company "Sukhoi".

According to the "Dry", the incident occurred when the T-50 landing at the airport Flight Research Institute. Gromov staff after a test flight. As explained in the press service, "smoke was observed over the right air intake, then there was a local fire."

Representative LII. Gromov said that fighter, as usual, carried out test flights, but did a few laps at a very low altitude. According to him, the fire proved to be small, no pops or explosions was not heard, and the arrival of firefighters did not need - airport employees handled themselves.
Earlier it was reported that the plane was piloted by test pilot "Sukhoi" Sergei Bogdan. However, the pilot denied this information. "I just returned today from a trip," - he said Itar-Tass by telephone.

In the Sukhoi Design Bureau created a commission to investigate the causes of fire. While no version was not made
Previous incident with the PAK FA

August 21, 2011 at MAKS-2011 fighter aircraft could not fly. In the dispersal of the aircraft was recorded outbreak of the right engine nozzle, and then the pilot released the brake parachute, and the plane stopped within the runway.

Cause of the accident was the failure of the power plant automation engine, occurred as a result of its surging.
According to experts, did not load sensor that monitors the parameters of the power plant.

As emphasized in the company, a new incident will not affect the timing of the tests, and the victim T-50 will be restored - he received only minor damage. According to ITAR-TASS source in law enforcement, the fighter has not yet passed the Defense Ministry. "The car belongs to the company" Sukhoi ", - said the agency interlocutor.
Test T-50

In Zhukovsky flight testing continues the four T-50, in ground-based experiments involving two more cars. So far committed about 500 test flights, it is planned that the state tests T-50 finish in 2015. It is expected that 2016 will start limited production of the fighter, which will come into service the Air Force combat units.

The total cost of creating the PAK FA is estimated at 60 billion rubles., But the plane itself should be 2.5-3 times cheaper than foreign analogues. Experts believe that one such fighter Russian Air Force will cost approximately $ 60 million, while India plans to buy PAK FA to $ 100 million per car. Meanwhile, according to open sources, the cost of the F-22 Raptor U.S. Air Force is close to $ 150 million, excluding research and development and the price of the F-35 Lightning II is 83-108 million dollars, depending on the modification.
On the plane

PAK FA - single strike aircraft, widely used in the design of composite materials. According to open sources, he will meet the following requirements for the Air Force fighter 5th generation supersonic flight without afterburner, low visibility (for radar, optical, acoustic and other detection systems), maneuverability and the ability to perform a relatively short takeoff and landing. Flight characteristics of the aircraft are not officially disclosed.

PAK FA first flight took place on January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Earlier, Commander Air Force Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said that the PAK FA will be delivered to the Air Force of Russia from 2017. "I think that the aircraft until 2017 we will bring and maybe even earlier. If all goes well, the program tests may be reduced, but in 2017 we are planning to buy these planes and deliver them to our air part ", - said Bondarev.

Currently in Zhukovsky flight testing continues the four T-50. In terrestrial experimental work has involved two cars - one is a comprehensive ground stand, the other passes a static test.

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