Friday, February 27, 2015

Chinese Type 52C, "fragile like tofu" according to Chinese bloggers

In recent years, the Chinese Navy eager to show strength and military capabilities of its growing, with the hope that it will create a new image of an army equipped with modern technology high.
However, it seems difficult to eliminate popular conception that China is still lagging behind compared to Western countries for the quality of ships, as well as a lack of professionalism of the crew.
A video by China Central Television (CCTV) broadcast as China has not proved possible to narrow this gap.
In the CCTV footage broadcast on Sunday 23/2 13 crew on missile destroyer Zhengzhou ( Type 052C) of the Chinese Navy has to be very hard to fix the problem on board.
13 CCTV said the incident occurred when the ship Zhengzhou are trained in the Western Pacific ocean end of 2014, in rough sea conditions, waves higher than 5 m.
At the time of the incident, this ship is moving at low speeds. However, high waves caused the ship's side door on water.
In the video, 2 crew is trying to fasten the door. However, a strong wave of strikes suddenly, causing the door, the water overflows into the ship profusely.
According to CCTV, the two sailors were injured, a broken front teeth, a broken bone.
Soon, all the crew were gathered.
Some sailors used wooden columns to attack the door, the door sprung against the waves hit.Meanwhile, some other sailors trying to get the water out of the bucket and wash basin.
A long time later, the door can be welded.
After seeing the embarrassment of the crew Zhengzhou, online forums in China has made many sarcastic comments about the naval forces of the country.
Most decry the quality of Chinese warships weak and crew on board did not have the ability to respond to emergency situations.
One netizen ironic that a crew troubleshooting ship that looks "fragile like tofu".
"Is the design of the ship and crew training program was developed according to standard operation in the pond instead of the ocean?" - Another netizen comments.

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