Saturday, October 25, 2014

Indian Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) clears projects worth about 13 Billion $

Source Admin:
-321 Spike ATGM Launchers and 8,000+ Missiles (including relevant training apparatus)-Mainly Spike LR with effective range of 4-5 km

-363 BMP 2 customised with mounted spike missile on board

-Mini Subs for MARCOs

-12 Do-228 for the IN

-6 new SSKs under the P-75(I) project for which the RFP has been released. Many are assuming that this news out of the DAC means the subs will be built imminently- this is false, this is still the early stages of the selection process. At best we are 2-3 years away from a winner emerging so about 6+ years away from the first sub entering service with the IN. Welcome news because action- any action- was needed on this front. Would have been pretty pleased had the MoD also extended the current Scorpene order to 9 or taken the French up on their offer to build new SSKs on a fast track basis.

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